Crawl space floor insulation

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Crawl Space Floor Insulation is a durable, long-lasting insulation product designed specifically for Crawl space spray foam insulation.

Why do you need a crawl space moisture barrier?


Rainwater runoff or damaged roofs and walls that seep into foundations or up through concrete foundation floors may be more obvious moisture problems. A crawl space, however, can also experience moisture problems due to water vapor rising from the ground and getting trapped. You can correct this problem or prevent it from occurring by adding a crawl space plastic liner or you can use crawl space spray foam insulation. But why is this so necessary? Let us understand the damage caused by crawl space moisture.


There are several types of damage that can be caused by moisture in a crawl space


Most people don't give much thought to the space beneath a building. Usually, they only use the crawl space for retrieving tools, parts, and odd odds and ends, not for storing them.


Crawl spaces are typically equipped with dirt floors, which make them prime sources of moisture entering commercial buildings. Water vapor infiltration from the soil can slowly erode your building from the ground up if not contained. But the concern is structural damage, electrical shorts, pipe erosion, and degradation of insulation and fiberglass. The risk of heavy allergens (like mold spores and dust mite droppings) entering your home is also significant.


That is where the crawl space moisture barrier offers a relatively simple solution to all of these problems.


This crawl space vapor barrier cost even less than any high-end barrier products. But how is this necessary for your house or building?


A drier climate may make you think that crawl space vapor isn't a big issue. Considering Arizona, for example, how much moisture could be residing in the dirt underneath a building?


A lot, that's the answer. Researchers from Advanced Energy found that sealing crawl spaces in Flagstaff, Arizona, led to a 15 percent energy savings each year. Since moisture is reduced, indoor temperatures are easier to control.


Any building with a crawl space can benefit from a crawl space barrier, regardless of where it is constructed. Here are a few benefits of installing spray foam crawl space:



It is relatively inexpensive to install a vapor barrier to solve a problem that can get out of control if left unaddressed. Installing a vapor barrier in a crawl space has many distinct advantages, and it has many benefits:


  • Prevents moisture from seeping into your home through the flooring
  • Prevents mold and mildew from growing
  • Reduces the risk of structural wood rot
  • Wet environments are not attractive to pests anymore
  • Ensures wires and connectors are protected from moisture and corrosion
  • Improves the energy efficiency of a home by providing extra insulation
  • Access to the crawl space is easier and cleaner


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