Can you submit a hand-written note as an assignment digitally?

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How can I submit hand-written work digitally?

You have to decide what the most progressive plan is for you. Writing is an ageing process, and I mean very old school. Writing down digital notes on computers and phones is simpler than ever, but many people still choose the traditional feeling of composing with ink on paper. (After all, this technique attended us well for centuries.)

The issue is that you can't arrange and look through handwritten notes as you can with digital records. Even when you take Assignment Help, it becomes easier for them to submit the paper digitally.

Or can you turn your handwritten notes into digital files? According to the Assignment Helper, multiple smart devices are present to digitize your scrabbles, either as you compose or directly after that. Additionally, to keep pictures of your notebook pages in electronic form, some of these hardware and software packages genuinely turn your writings into findable text instantly.