10 must-see family movies for parents and children

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I've always wanted to organize a batch of very classic family movies for parents and children to watch together, and these days I finally have time to organize them.

I've always wanted to organize a batch of very classic family movies for parents and children to watch together, and these days I finally have time to organize them. The reason why these movies are worth watching together is that they are good-looking, interesting and fun, children like them, and parents like them too. Secondly, parents can learn real educational concepts and methods, and children can understand their parents' intentions. Parents understand children, children can understand parents, and mutual understanding is achieved through movies. There are some movies some parents may have seen, so you might as well watch them again, these movies are worth watching again and again. If you haven't seen it, look good. Most of these family movies can be found on the Internet and watched together on weekends as a fun and important activity for the family on weekends.


I have always attached importance to the education and influence of film and television programs on children, because children are visualized and action-oriented thinking, and film and television programs are the most suitable for children and can best exert their educational value. It is impossible for me to analyze in detail the content and meaning of family education for each movie, but I can only briefly summarize it. If parents look carefully, they can find out for themselves, so the key is to look at it, and it is useless to not look at it. If your child is in elementary school and can read books independently, most of the family movies I have listed can be understood. Of course, parents must watch with their children, not just for the children to watch. In fact, I mainly let the parents watch, and let the parents be educated. If you can watch these videos and watch them carefully, you can basically solve the problem of educating children. Some films are difficult for children to watch, and parents have to explain, and parents have to explain every film, otherwise the effect will not be very good.


  1. "Beautiful Life"

Introduction: Italian cinema. In the context of World War II, a father created a great game for his son in a German concentration camp.


Aspect: Children must have a happy childhood. Children have a happy childhood and will be happy all their lives. An unhappy life is mainly due to the lack of happiness in childhood. Children in childhood must have games. Games are an important part of childhood. Parents should not deprive children of childhood games in order to cultivate their talents and skills. Parents should not demonize games, thinking that playing games is useless and a waste of time, and children's basic abilities and qualities are mainly completed by games.


  1. "Spring in the Cattle Class"

Introduction: French film. A boarding school, a hateful principal. A group of problem children were fortunate enough to meet an ordinary but great teacher. In the end, the problem children grew up normally, and some even became industry leaders.


What to watch: Children's problems are caused by families and parents. For children with problems, parents are more responsible. Although the video only shows individual problem parents, the problems of problem children are definitely caused by parents. If the problem of the problem child is attributed to the child's own problem, if the problem is managed like a prisoner, the child's problem will be more serious, and the child will really become a criminal. To solve the problems of children, we must first solve the problems of parents. The respectable teacher in the film knows this deeply. In his ordinary love, the problem children have no problems.


  1. "Little Miss Sunshine"


Introduction: American Films. There are six people in a family, grandpa, mother, uncle, brother and sister, each with their own problems and dreams. The family cannot communicate normally, and quarrels are common. Until my sister went to participate in a beauty contest, the family drove there. On the way, many things happened, and the family realized mutual understanding, encouragement and love for each other.


What to watch: Family members all have shortcomings of one kind or another, and sometimes it is really difficult to communicate and communicate with each other. However, everyone needs at least basic love. As long as there is basic love, everyone is normal and can live normally, face their own life normally, and deal with their ideals and failures normally.


  1. "Charlotte's Web"


Introduction: Animation.


What to watch: Good morals and qualities have magical powers, both for others and for yourself. To cultivate children's good character, parents' demonstration is the most important, cooperation, integrity and friendship. Good character should be the basic quality, regardless of whether it will be rewarded or not. In fact, good character does pay off, but not necessarily at the time. Smile at people, don't think about getting a smile. Give up your seat, don't think about whether others can give you your seat. Help someone, and someone will help you. Indifferent to people, only to find his own son drowned.


  1. "Finding Nemo"


Introduction: Animation. The son was accidentally lost, the father was mad, and the son had experienced many storms and accidents, growing up.


What to watch: Life is a journey, and experience is the core. Parents love their children, but don't spoil them, don't do it for them. Don't create a good environment for children to have less passbooks and no mistakes. A child is an independent living body, and has the right to experience his own life process independently and comprehensively. Experience some, experience some, all are learning, which is conducive to growth and healthy growth.


  1. "Call Me Number One"


Synopsis: A super fat guy becomes a football star.


What to watch: Everyone has their own advantages, compare with themselves, explore their potential, and become the best version of themselves. Children need encouragement and parents need to discover their children's strengths. Don't look at people simply, evaluate people, everyone has shortcomings and advantages. It is not right to deify children, but it is even more wrong to demean children.


  1. "The Last Emperor"


Synopsis: An Italian director examines the film of a Chinese emperor. To examine the happiness of the emperor with the modern humanistic concept.


What to watch: Whether a person is truly happy, truly happy, and truly fulfilled, material things are the foundation, but material things are not the determining factor. The emperor is the dream of the Chinese, because there is something to be desired. However, from the perspective of human beings, from the perspective of what constitutes true happiness, the emperor is unfortunate. He is just a symbol and has no freedom, especially a free and happy childhood. There are countless norms restricting him in his every move. For those whose money is paramount and material comfort as their purpose in life, this movie might not be bullshit.


  1. "The Social Network"


Profile: Zuckerberg, facebook. The youngest richest man in the world. Young idol.


What to watch: The director pays more attention to how he got rich, and his morality is questioned because he is suspected of plagiarism and betrayal of friends. His journey to wealth was betrayal and betrayal. When we look at a person, we tend to focus on the bright side of success. When we evaluate a person, we tend to magnify the brilliance of success and deliberately avoid the many aspects of dark failure. The director told us that people are comprehensive and complex. People have both a human side and a beastly side, and people cannot be simplified and one-sided. It is normal for children to have strengths and weaknesses, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Don't ask too much of your children, and don't spread them all over the place.


  1. The Kramers


Brief introduction: The husband's work is not satisfactory, and the wife is extremely disappointed and leaves home. The husband had to endure the frustration of work and the hard work of raising his son.


What to watch: Marriages often crack and fail because of specific financial problems. Conflict between husband and wife is very normal, but don't speak ill of each other to your children, and speak face to face if you want to. Don't draw your child into an alliance with yourself against your partner. Because, children should not have a bad mother, or a bad father. Your partner may be bad, not good for you, but for the child, he or she must be a good dad, a good dad.


  1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


Introduction: Rules and disciplines, strict discipline, will not train normal people, even if they are normal, they will be disciplined into lunatics. A group of people thought to be lunatic ran out and went fishing. It's like kids skipping school to go crazy.


What to watch: Children need rules, but they cannot be required to do everything. There are too many rules and too strict requirements, and the child is a little adult, losing his innocence, imagination and innovation. Children are unintentional, to be tolerant. Unless it involves right and wrong, don't be strict with your child's fault. Healthy people need a free and tolerant environment.