What To Know Before Attending A Buddhist Funeral?

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Buddhism is a religion founded about 2,500 years ago by Siddhartha Gautama, or Buddha. Buddha is considered an important figure in Asian spiritual history. Buddhists do not worship a single god or deity, but instead focus on escaping human suffering and achieving enlightenment. Buddhists traditionally choose cremation as their final rite of passage, as Buddha himself was cremated.

What to anticipate at a Buddhist funeral?

Buddhist customs vary by location and sect, but typically Buddhist funerals are simple and solemn. Ceremonies generally take place at a family home or funeral home, or a Buddhist temple.

Buddhists typically perform funeral rites within a day of the death, whether it be a funeral, memorial service, or cremation ceremony. A monk usually officiates the ceremony, though sometimes you’ll see a minister or priest. The family can also conduct the ceremony if they like.


After the ceremony, family members will carry the casket to a hearse or crematory. Monks or family members may lead chanting as the casket is carried from the funeral home.

What should I wear to a Buddhist funeral?

At a Buddhist funeral, family members and friends typically dress in white and wear a headband or armband. Depending on their nationality, they may wear different colors. If you aren’t sure what color to wear, ask the family or funeral home staff.

In Budhist culture, wearing bright clothing is seen as inappropriate as it is an expression of wealth in clothing. Furthermore, you should take off your head covering during prayer or the sermon.

Sympathy gifts:

Buddhist funeral customs include the practice of offering gifts to the deceased's family. White flowers are appropriate, as they symbolize mourning and are a traditional choice for Buddhist ceremonies. Red flowers and gifts are inappropriate, as red signifies happiness and wealth, which is not what a grieving family wants to think about at this time.

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