What Are the Different Types of Taxi?

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There are a variety of vehicles and drivers providing taxi services in Gorakhpur. They range from the Black Cab to mini busses and even rickshaws.

If you are new to the industry see our guide on different types of taxis.

Types of Taxies

Taxis for Public Leasing

Public-rented cars are probably what most people think of as “taxis”. They are marked on the roof to indicate if the taxi is open to hail passengers. They can be hailed on the road and do not have to be booked in advance. These vehicles are licensed by a reputable authority such as the Public Vehicle Office, local authorities, or the Department of Environmental Affairs depending on the region.

Public leased vehicles are more common in major cities such as Gorakhpur where roads are restricted. Gorakhpur Taxi cab drivers can spend years memorizing different routes and are very good at city trips. Contact us for the best taxi service in Gorakhpur.

Private Rental Vehicles (Minicabs)

Private rental cars (or minicabs) are also licensed to carry passengers, but they cannot be haired on the road. You will need to book in advance. Cars vary in size and style from four-wheelers and two-wheelers to MPVs. Minicabs are generally licensed to carry between 4 and 6 passengers depending on the size of the vehicle.

Minicabs can be booked for a one-time job, or an emerging job like taking kids to or from school. If you are booking on an ongoing contract make sure you mention this when you receive a taxi insurance quote.

Small buses

Small buses are large private rental cars with up to 30 seats. They are booked in advance and can be hired for events or contract work.

Executive Hire

Other private rental cars are available for booking and wedding driver service and special events. Cars are usually high-end, professional cars such as limousines, working cars, high-end salons, or vintage models. Given the number of cars and the type of work done, these “taxis” may require some insurance, so be sure to state the type of work you are doing when you receive the quotation.

Uber drivers

In recent years applications such as Uber and other taxi application services like Ola have seen a dramatic increase in user numbers. The applications allow drivers to provide taxi services flexibly, with many drivers working part-time. The fare needs to be booked with an app that is also used for payment. If you would like to drive Uber you will need a private rental license and insurance. Contact us to know more about Gorakhpur taxi.


Like most jobs, taxi drivers will find good passengers and bad passengers. In most cases, good passengers will always outperform bad passengers. However, it is reasonable to assume that every taxi driver will encounter several passengers who are distressed, frustrated, angry, late on a plane, or drunk. In these cases, taxi drivers need to exercise patience. Without a vision of patience and understanding, taxi drivers will tire of their poor passengers very quickly.