A stepwise tutorial to mint NFT on SolSea

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SolSea is an NFT marketplace that allows all the creators to attach copyright licensing to their creations. This platform is open to collectors and creators. Also, the platform is completely transparent for the users and charges a low fee for minting NFTs on it.

Recently, when the NFT marketplace gained popularity, a lot of crypto traders shifted their focus towards it which previously was on cryptocurrency trading. Well, trading in NFT has its own benefits and you can choose one of the available platforms to mint your first NFT. However, if you are not sure which platform to go ahead with, you can definitely give SolSea a try. On this platform, there is a great collection of Non-fungible tokens which you can trade for earning interest or sell at a higher price.

SolSea is an NFT platform that operates on the Solana blockchain. Therefore, interested users can utilize this platform whenever needed. But, what if this is your first time with NFT or any such protocol? Well, in that case, we shall guide you on how to mint your first-ever NFT on this platform.

Well, this platform is the best for both NFT creators as well as collectors and also helps you mint NFT on the Solana blockchain.

The steps to mint NFT on SolSea

If, among different platforms, you have chosen to go ahead with SolSea then here are the easy steps you can take to mint your NFTs on it. As you will need a Solana-friendly wallet for the same, therefore you first need to set up a Phantom wallet on your device. Once you are done with it, apply the steps below:

  1. After setting up your wallet, please fund it with SOL
  2. Now, your next step is to create an account on the SolSea platform
  3. On SolSea, click on the "connect wallet" option
  4. And from the listed options, select "phantom"
  5. Then a new screen would pop up on your display
  6. Complete the connection by following a few easy steps
  7. Fill up the registration form and then go to the "Create" tab on SolSea
  8. Here, select the "Collection" option
  9. Follow the upcoming prompts and provide the necessary details
  10. Then, you can click on the "Create Collection" option, at last


When you mint an NFT for the first time, it would be a little troublesome process for you, but it definitely is an easy process to go ahead with. As soon as you have your NFT collection ready, you just need to go to the "Create" tab again and choose "NFT" to start minting it.