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ISO 22000 is the most popular Food Safety Management (FSMS) standard that specifies requirements to improve food quality and ensure food safety

ISO 22000 is the most popular Food Safety Management (FSMS) standard that specifies requirements to improve food quality and ensure food safety. This international standard establishes a set of guidelines for the application of food quality from preparation to service. Furthermore, the ISO 22000 standard helps organizations to identify and control food safety hazards.

ISO 22000: 2018 is the latest standard, developed to improve the overall performance of the Food Safety Management System. This standard provides innovative methods and techniques to improve food safety and also continually improve food quality. Additionally, ISO 22000:2018 describes control measures to reduce risks and hazards and eliminate poor quality food.

About ISO 22000 certification and its importance

ISO 22000 certification applies to all organizations in the food chain regardless of size. This certification is a representation of the organization that produces high quality and safe food products. This ISO Food Safety System certification enhances customer confidence in your food products and services. In addition, ISO 22000 certification promotes business and improves the reputation of the organization.

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) is an ISO 22000 certification body accredited by UQAS. We are a versatile platform for auditing and issuing ISO management system certifications across numerous ISO standards and product certifications. We have branches in various countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. In addition, we have representatives in Mexico, Thailand, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Vietnam and also in Gulf countries such as Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Benefits of ISO 22000 certification

ISO 22000 certification in Mexico offers the following benefits to the organization.

  1. ISO 22000 has been developed by the international standard manufacturing body called ISO (International Organization for Standardization). This organization is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization based in Geneva. In fact, it is a federation of national standards bodies from 162 countries. In addition, the international ISO 22000: 2018 food safety standard ensures an organization's conformance and compliance with various regulatory requirements.
  2. ISO 22000 certification protects your company against fraud and market loss. The beneficiary of this certification are customers, consumers, suppliers, distributors and regulators who believe that their products are safe.
  3. This certification guarantees the safety of the products and also supports the organization to protect itself from legal liability. ISO 22000 certification eliminates poor quality food, helping to maintain quality management systems that support product integrity and adherence to internal procedures. This, in turn, ensures high-quality product performance that maintains food integrity, helping to protect your organization from legal liability.

ISO 22000 in Mexico

“ISO 22000 in Mexico” is sought after by organizations that want to be certified in Mexico against this standard and people seeking training and certification in the field are also looking for ISO 22000 in Mexico.

Training on ISO 22000 in Mexico

It is essential that all companies seeking ISO Certification in Mexico take training and become familiar with the implementation of FSMS. Individuals, too, can enhance their skills by applying their experience to implement FSMS and training, allowing them to earn ISO 22000 certification in Mexico.

Our goal is to provide the best training for ISO 22000 in Mexico, with real-time professionals and specialists who can teach you about all the concepts related to pre-requisite programs, HACCP study, legal requirements, etc.

IAS provides IRCA – ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Training, ISO 22000 Internal Auditor Training. For more information on ISO 22000 Training contact: investigacertiascertificació

ISO 22000 certification in Mexico

IAS certifies organizations with ISO 22000 certification in Mexico based on the results of the audit of the ISO 22000 system implemented in the organization. Our ISO 22000 certification audits are carried out by experienced and qualified auditors.

ISO 22000 certification

ISO 22000 certification improves customer confidence in your business process and management system. This internationally recognized certification guarantees continuous improvement of the food safety management system. Protect your organization's reputation and promote your business globally. Additionally, ISO 22000 certification in Mexico increases stakeholder confidence and increases new business opportunities.

How to obtain ISO 22000 certification?

IAS is one of the leading certification bodies for ISO 22000, so you can apply for this standard through us. We are authorized by the UQAS to certify organizations under this standard. In fact, Mexico is one of our main certification destinations. We provide you with the complete package to prepare for ISO Food Safety Management System Certification, including training manuals and sample questionnaires, which will help you achieve this certification in a short period of time.

As part of the application process for ISO 22000:2018 certification, we need your commitment to continuous performance improvement and transparency. The evaluation of your organization's systems is carried out by our expert auditors, who will use their extensive knowledge to support you in obtaining this certification. certificación ISO 22000