What is TikTok Influencer Marketing

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The fast-paced nature of trending topics, the short-form video format, and TikTok's content algorithm can all be perplexing. TikTok is so popular that marketers can't ignore it, even if they wish they could.

Even Facebook is far from weird dog movies and lip-synced performances that dominate TikTok, which distinguishes it from any other social platform.

In this new environment, innovative brands depend more on influencers to help drive their social media marketing.

Brands can successfully navigate the wilds of TikTok with the help of skilled TikTok influencers.

What is TikTok?

The TikTok phenomenon began in China in 2016 as Douyin. It was sold to a global audience as TikTok, delivering social karaoke through an app that made it simple to post lip-syncing videos.

TikTok usage in the United States increased 150% from 2019 to 2021, reaching 138 million users, making it the second most downloaded iPhone app as of Q1 2022.

The app's compelling video, social sharing options, popular music, and intelligent algorithm tailoring content make the app irresistible.

TikTok has gained such global fame that it has been restricted to several regions for unknown reasons.

We can easily unblock TikTok using a Node unblocker. Remember that a Node Unblocker is required because it is a safe and free solution.

Hashtags make it simple for memes to spread. Creators can remix popular soundtracks, exchange dancing techniques, and comment on each other's posts.

Like, following, and commenting are built in, along with a couple of unique extras: "Reaction" videos record users' reactions as they watch something, whereas "duets" show users' recordings alongside existing content.

Who Uses TikTok?

While TikTok grew in popularity among people of all ages throughout the pandemic, its core audience is younger people, making the platform appealing to companies looking to reach a new generation of customers.

TikTok is used by 55% of Americans aged 18 to 24, compared to 4% of seniors aged 65 and older - and as of this year, more than two-thirds of youths aged 13 to 17 use the app in some form.

Almost half of TikTok users in the United States are between 18 and 34, with another 20.2% being 17 or younger.

TikTok users are also very active on the app: 58% of people have stored a sound clip for future usage in their videos, 55% of people like or comment on videos after watching them, and 35% frequently share content from the platform.

Furthermore, 76% of TikTok users believe they're inclined to follow a company, and In the recent year, half of the respondents have tried new products or brands they spotted on the site.

What Types of Content Work on TikTok?

TikTok content's authentic, homegrown look is one of the reasons users are so actively involved with it.

The entire sensibility is irreverent, whether video producers are lip-syncing to music, dancing, documenting their pets' antics, or sharing other amateur entertainment.

Even instructional movies from competent authorities deliver facts in the form of straight language and fun.

The short-form videos range in length from a few seconds to ten minutes, with most viewers preferring segments of less than a minute.

Because of the casual appearance, firms adopting TikTok into their digital marketing plan should avoid repurposing pricey commercials or Instagram videos.

TikTok users are skeptical of sleek, aggressively commercial messaging and have the ability to skip videos after a second if the content appears dubious.

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Why Should You Work with TikTok Influencers?

Given TikTok's distinct, in-house sensibility, it makes sense to seek out influencers with a track record of interaction on the platform.

Their prior experience developing content that resonates with TikTok's audience can aid in developing videos that effectively promote brand awareness.

Furthermore, the default video feed experience allows marketers to jumpstart their TikTok presence by leveraging influencers.

While businesses can promote their official "page" to follow on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

The algorithmically-controlled selection of videos on TikTok emphasizes individual submissions, and influencers have already their contributions automatically gained visibility and engagement.

How Are TikTok Influencers Unique?

TikTok influencers typically generate content in specialist categories that reflect their genuine interests, passions, or expertise.

TikTok's algorithm guides videos into viewers' feeds according to their interests, assisting in the growth of nano influencers who share their skills and knowledge with narrow communities.

While having a vast number of followers is usually a solid indicator that an influencer can assist increase business reach, size isn't everything.

Because the algorithm calculates relevance based on the merit of individual videos rather than the status of their authors, influencers with millions of followers can get massive results for posts.

The capacity to go viral with a single post differs from Instagram, where influencers typically extend their reach beyond their followers only through active shares.

Ad Formats to Use for TikTok Marketing

Plan to use content in both organic postings and paid advertising as you construct your TikTok influencer campaign.

A complimentary combination of sponsored and non-paid postings, like on other social media platforms, can most successfully build your brand.

Consider the following formats:

1. Organic Posts

Posting frequent content directly from your brand provides TikTok users with another avenue to connect and more videos to tap for the mainstream.

TikTok recommends posting 1-4 times daily to test which forms of content resonate with your target audience.

If a particular post does well, consider purchasing Spark Ads, which will increase the visibility of your video.

2. Promoted Content

These posts, known as "in-feed advertising," are excellent examples of TikTok ads.

Brands can pay for placement in the main TikTok stream on a cost-per-click, cost-per-impression, or cost-per-view basis.

When viewers watch your sponsored content for more than 6 seconds, a "view" is recorded. You can use your branded content or enhance influencer posts for further exposure.

3. Brand Takeover

When a person in your target audience opens the app, your ad will appear first in TikTok's Top View format.

Users can navigate the brand's TikTok profile page or an external site by tapping the ad.

While this option is costly, TikTok reports that it is the most engaging ad type.

4. Hashtags

Using trending hashtags in organic postings is an excellent strategy to increase visibility; not only will users who follow the hashtag see your content.

But the hashtags will also assist the algorithm in grouping your videos with comparable content.

You can also participate in sponsored hashtag "challenges," which require users to post their films based on the recommended theme for six days.

5. Filters

By purchasing the Branded Effects add-on, you can offer TikTok users fun stickers, filters, and games to incorporate into their postings.

Even a simple filter can go viral if it's relevant to your audience - and as viewers utilize your effects in their videos, your brand gains attention.


TikTok necessitates a novel and bold approach to social commerce, which can be difficult for businesses to understand.

Influencers can act as guides in the TikTok world, turning brand assets into entertaining content to reach new audiences and develop valuable customer connections.