Logic Pro X Music Software

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The first thing to notice is the updated Drummer feature with ten new drummers, with a huge number of rhythms for various styles of electronic music.

I started writing music on a regular synthesizer, through an old Cubase - then I had a regular laptop. Then I got a MacBook for my birthday, and on the same day I discovered GarageBand. I literally could not get out of it, I liked everything so much, it was comfortable and great. In theory, the transition from one editor to another is very difficult, but then I realized that Cubase is all so old, and for Mac I feel like a man. Apple technology literally keeps up with my train of thought due to performance, comfortable work with several applications at once, and in terms of software in general. At the time of my acquaintance with the MacBook, I had already seen how the guys work on it in music applications, but I myself did not try it and did not know about the colossal difference between applications for Windows and OS X. However, with the advent of the MacBook, I immediately began to distill and open all projects in Logic, and a little later I began to do all projects immediately in it. That's how I tried and got infected. At that time it seems to have been the seventh version. In January 2015, a major update was released to Logic Pro X 10.1, which I immediately began to study and was incredibly pleased. Apple has added many features that greatly simplify the work, make it much faster.