Professional Oriental rug cleaning in Westchester NY

Carpet cleaning in Westchester NY area has never been easier! All-Care Carpet & Floor Service is dedicated to providing you with a better experience that leaves your carpet clean and your homehealthier. When we’re done, all that’s left is cleaner, softer and more beautiful carpe

Oriental rugs or oriental carpets are hand-woven one-piece rugs or carpets manufactured in Central or South Asian countries. Oriental rugs are commonly made up of wool but other materials such as silk, bamboo, etc are also used. Many oriental rugs are decorated with symbols and designs reflecting the culture in which they are made. These oriental rugs usually take geometric shapes, animals, landscapes, or floral patterns. For creating a 3D effect, these oriental rugs use contrasting colors and unique textures.

Oriental rugs can be hung or spread on the floor whether it is for use or decor.  These rugs generally add a luxurious and exotic touch to your home. Carpets collect a lot of dust with the passage of time whether you put them on the floor and walk on them or hang them on the wall.  Oriental carpets are delicate and very expensive. Cleaning your Oriental rug is the easiest way to extend its durability and longevity. Cleaning an Oriental rug is more complicated than cleaning a regular rug.  If you want a reliable Oriental rug cleaning service, then you should contact Oriental Rug Cleaning Westchester.


Major Aspects of Professional Oriental rug Cleaning

  • Professional Cleaners use specialized Dirt Removal Technique


  • No Fear of discoloration


  • Delicate Cleaning Method


  • Targeted Stain Removal


  • Long service life, durability and original color shining

All-Care Carpet and Floor Service is a world-class certified Oriental rug cleaning Westchester specialist in NY. To maintain the beauty and original look of your oriental rug, All Care offers professional organic rug cleaning methods and disinfection services. In Westchester, it provides a one-stop cleaning solution for all types of Chinese oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and oriental silk rugs. It offers professional cleaning services for all types and styles of oriental rugs whether handmade or machine-made. Being a top-class Oriental Rug Cleaning Westchester, we take the reasonable time needed to clean your carpet safely and effectively. In most cases, carpets can be cleaned at home. The company’s operations are done in Westchester Putnam Counties in NY and Fairfield County in CT.

Cleaning Procedure

To clean the specialized fine rugs, the staff bring your carpet to the special facility. For this company offers free pickup and delivery services. The rug cleaning services that the company offer include-

  • Pet odor treatment removal


  • Pet odor control


  • Stain removal


  • Dupont teflon organic carpet clean


  • Scotch guard for fabric protection


  • Carpet rug stain shielding

The company offers home or doorstep rug cleaning services. The average delivery time for the company is 5-7 days. Get in touch with us now for professional rug cleaning services!