Cisco Industrial Switching

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Today, organizations everywhere are connecting everything like mechanism drivers and sensors to derive greater operational efficiency, reduce downtime.

Cisco Industrial Switching 

Today, organizations everywhere are connecting everything like mechanism drivers and sensors to derive greater operational efficiency, reduce downtime. Increase safety and etc. But as the network extends, there are challenges like increase attack surfaces, harsh environmental conditions and increased complexity.  

Cisco industrial switching arms you with security, reliability and scale to handle these challenges and derive the innovation at the edge. Cisco industrial switches have all the capabilities of the Cisco network which you know and trust and can be implemented in the harsh conditions. Besides, built-in industrial leading security features, some models supports the cyber-vision sensors for deep visibility into your industrial networks, operational insights and advanced threat detection. Integrating with Cisco DNA center, can scale your operations across your entire network with automation and analytics. The broad portfolio of switches, also deliver up to 10GE speeds, high-density PoE with up to 90W PPoE per port and support for industrial certifications and protocols.  

Cisco Industrial Switch Models 

There is a wide range of switches for customers to choose from, in different form factor, size, modularity, power, speed and etc., for Any industry, any location and any scale to unleash amazing IoT possibilities and benefits.