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it's a tame seo part-time job with preposterous emolment and the most ironic thing is that the publisher never used any product of Perfect Diary

Perfect Diary is a young Chinese makeup brand established in 2016 targeting women aged 20-35, who have a relative high spending power. On March 2017, it started online business on Taobao and Tmall. Half a year later, Perfect Diary opened on Xiaohongshu, WeChat store and hosted three Pop-up stores in Shanghai. In 2018, It established Douyin and JD store. On January 19th 2019, it owned the first offline experience store in Guangzhou. As of June 2019, it has 40 offline stores in China.

Perfect Diary is regarded as the king of Chinese makeup brands. It has extraordinary performance in China’s cosmetics market. In this case study of Perfect Diary’s market strategy, we have found three main factors that contribute to its success.

Perfect Diary has cooperated with the Discovery Channel, the British Museum and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art to launch new products in China’s cosmetics market. The eyeshadow palette jointly produced with the British Museum achieved a sales of 1 set every 11.5 seconds during 11.11 promotion in 2018. In addition, Perfect Diary and New York Metropolitan Museum of Art launched co-branding lipsticks achieved both word of mouth and sales during 618 promotion on Tmall 2019. Recently, Perfect Diary(especially perfect diary cushion)also takes advantage of the “national tide” trend and cooperated with National Geography to launch the newest eyeshadow palette. The views on Weibo reached 7.4 million.