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 If you've ever wondered where blue light comes from, you're not alone.Blue light is produced by the sun and other natural sources, but it's also emitted by a wide range of artificial lights—including computer screens and televisions. Most people spend a lot of time looking at screens, which means they're exposed to a lot of blue light on a daily basis.

Continuous exposure of artificial blue light can have a negative effect to your eyes. The negative effects could be:

  • Increased eye fatigue
  • Disruption of circadian rhythms (sleep cycle)
  • Blurred vision
  • Increased risk of macular degeneration and cataracts

You may have heard that wearing blue filtering designer eyeglasses in North York blocks out the harmful effects of blue light—and you'd be right! But why should you invest in these glasses? Here are five reasons:

They're comfortable!  Blue light filters are made with lenses that offer both comfort and protection.

They help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed!  The blue light filter blocks out the harmful rays that interfere with your circadian rhythm, helping you get a better night's sleep and feel more alert when you wake up.

They can help reduce eye strain.  Working on your computer all day? Blue light filters can help ease the strain on your eyes by reducing the amount of time it takes for them to adjust after looking at screens for long periods of time.

They can improve contrast and reduce glare.  With improved contrast, everything looks brighter and crisper than before, making it easier to see what's on screen without straining your eyes. Plus, because they block out reflections from other surfaces, they reduce glare so that everything is easier to see—even in bright sunlight!

They can help prevent headaches and migraines caused by screen time by reducing eye strain. The less stressed out your eyes feel, the less likely they are to give you a headache or migraine!

Buy stylish blue filtering designer eyeglasses in North York:

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