Irish Restaurant Industry Trends for 2022

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Consumer's current tastes in the restaurant industry have been influenced by wide range of technological advancements. People now want faster and more convenient ways to order food from restaurants due to these changes. Companies such as Just Eat and Deliveroo have taken advantage of these new tendencies in Ireland. The millennial generation is recognised for consuming more mobile information than prior generations, which has resulted in a bigger "on-the-go" mindset and lifestyle. 

Ireland has long established itself as a hotspot for tourists and businesspeople from all over the world. In 2022 alone, Ireland aimed to increase visitor numbers by 7% and is projected to make €6.54bn through tourism, with Restaurants, Bars and Hotels taking home a large chunk of the income. 

In a modern world, many restaurants have already tried to adapt, but the recent COVID19 pandemic left many businesses in chaos when they were unprepared for takeaway and home delivery services. As we move towards the final quarter of 2022, and with a Monkey pox global emergency looming, there are several business enhancing areas that restaurants should remain focused on.

As we emerge from the most severe pandemic in decades, restaurant owners continue to encounter numerous problems in running their companies. The most effective and favourable industry trend is how restaurants of all sizes are now embracing technology. Many pieces of technology, such as apps, third-party ordering, and direct online ordering, have been in use for some time. Nonetheless, it required Covid 19 to drive the industry to maximise its use. Technology's versatility is laying the road for recovery and growth in 2022.

Signing up to or can open your up business to a higher level of customer exposure and awareness that is currently unseen by other platforms. In 2021 alone, Justeat saw revenue of €5.3 billion, highlighting the popularity of the takeaway industry during the pandemic. Though 2022 and 2023 are unlikely to mirror these heights, justeat has firmly established third party online platforms as a main stay in the food consumption sector.

Home Delivery System

Home delivery has surged over the last 2 years and is likely to continue heavily into 2023. Though food delivery services grew in popularity during the Covid19 pandemic, they were presented with distinct obstacles. For people who utilise restaurants for home delivery, trust in the food handling process and the demand for contactless transactions became top priorities.

Last year, the Irish subsidiary of online meal delivery giant Deliveroo increased its sales by 40%, from €9.3 million to €13.8 million. It was launched locally in 2015, and currently works with more than 1,000 riders and over 1,800 restaurants across Dublin, Cork, Limerick, and Galway.


Personalized Experiences

One of the most crucial factors that consumers today seek for when selecting a restaurant is one that can provide them with personalised experiences. Consumers want experiences that they can film and share with their peers on social media. Restaurants can take advantage of this by providing customised cuisine, additional service options, and branded Tableware.

These changes may appear daunting at first but implementing them will allow your restaurant to stand out in the booming restaurant sector. Here is the reference link on Opening a Restaurant in Ireland. Things you should keep in mind.


Outdoor Dining

Eating outdoors is becoming increasingly popular! After the pandemic year, nothing beats outside restaurant eating, from people watching to fresh air to delectable cuisine. Outdoor eating isn't only enjoyable; it can also be a fantastic investment—some experts claim that businesses that build outdoor dining rooms may increase sales by up to 30%! 

However according to The Irish Times there will be no Street Furniture Fees in Dublin until 2023 which means Cafes, restaurants and pubs to have free outdoor dining space for additional year. This scheme is extended until the end of 2022 to "assist Restaurant business struggling to recover post-Covid-19."

Regardless matter how much people want to continue supporting local businesses, the great Irish weather is not always the best ally. Many restaurants have evolved with the times, and there are numerous Dublin establishments that provide heated outside dining.

Technology became a critical solution in solving the problems restaurants encountered during the pandemic. Businesses that were more digitally aware altered their menus online and extended delivery, allowing them to stay open. To sustain the present favourable trend in 2022, we must address inflation, supply chain, and labour issues. Overall, the first quarter of 2022 is trending positively, demonstrating our industry's resilience.

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