Why Tile Stripping in Westchester NY is Necessary

Carpet cleaning in Westchester NY area has never been easier! All-Care Carpet & Floor Service is dedicated to providing you with a better experience that leaves your carpet clean and your homehealthier. When we’re done, all that’s left is cleaner, softer and more beautiful carpe

Cleaning services are essential to keep your environment organized and tidy. It involves various techniques in this cleaning process as per the requirement. When it comes to floor cleaning, it needs extra effort. Undoubtedly, professional cleaners can perform this floor cleaning task effectively and Tile Stripping in Westchester NY is one of the vital processes. 

Professional cleaners vacuum your floors in the initial step that eliminates all loose particles thoroughly as well as removes dust and dirt properly. The next step is Tile Stripping which applies to the surface and can clean the surface efficiently. Then the scrubbing takes place. However, there are various sorts of floor surfaces and they need special attention.

Expert cleaners are well-equipped with the right tools and knowledge to undertake the cleaning task. When the Tile Stripping solution applies, the surface is left for a few minutes. Then the layers are penetrated and scrubbed away the wax by using commercial scrubbing tools. After this process, clean water is used to rinse the floor and the step is repeated. Once it gets dry, it is ready for a coating of wax or seal coat for a new and enhanced look. Multiple coats are recommended for high-traffic facilities or institutional offices serving consumers daily.

This tile stripping process takes 6 to 8 hours depending on the size of the area and may vary in case of post-construction cleaning.


Tile Stripping in Westchester NY for Different types of Floor-

Wood Floor- It needs waxing to improve its life and durability. You should consider applying waterproof new coats of wax twice a year. Buffing is essential to retain its natural shine. 

Vinyl Floor- Have you installed a vinyl floor in your home or office? Vinyl tiles are dull and age or scratched due to wax buildup and consistent impact. You need to apply wax coating 48 hours once the installation is done to give them a new shine and luster. Tile waxing helps in making the Vinyl tiles look brand new and clean-looking floor. The cleaning should be performed after every six months.

Masonry Floor- It requires the same cleaning methods as a vinyl surface. However, it needs sealing. You just apply masonry floor sealer.

Moreover, find a reliable and professional company for tile stripping near me. Make sure a company is licensed and insured too as well as meets your budget range. In this case, you can visit www.allcareflooring.com for the best Tile Stripping in Westchester NY.